Auto Collision Repair: What Does It Entail?

Approximately 6 million car accidents happen in the US annually. Several culprits, including distracted driving, extreme weather conditions, driver fatigue, and drunk driving, lead to these incidents. A severe collision can total your car and make it undrivable. But that's not always the case. Accidents often inflict repairable damage on several components, including the ones outlined below. Note that the technicians in auto collision repair shops can fix most of these components.


Most cars have fenders, which frame the wheel wells and reduce the road spray hurled in the air by your wheels. That includes mud, sand, dirty water, and rocks. Consequently, fenders protect other vehicles and pedestrians from road debris spun by your tires. Also, these components enhance your car's wind resistance and overall appeal. A collision can inflict skin-deep damage on your fenders or wreck these components beyond repair. Either way, you should take your car to an auto shop and let the experts fix the fenders. Why? A dented fender can undermine steering and wheel alignment. Depending on the extent of damage, auto repair technicians can repair minor scratches on your fenders through painting, buffing, or sanding and use specialized tools like a fender edge hook to fix dents. But in extreme cases, they may recommend replacements.


Your automobile needs headlights to optimize visibility by lighting up the road ahead. Driving without these components is incredibly risky, especially at night, because you need them to spot other vehicles, pedestrians, and potential hazards. Many manufacturers design powerful headlights that withstand harsh elements, including hail and heavy rains. But they need to put out tough products to hold out against collisions. If you get involved in an accident, your vehicle's headlights will likely come out with severe scratches or shattered parts, depending on severity. Luckily, auto repair technicians can repair scratched or broken car headlights. For instance, they can use a sealant gun to fix cracks in the covers or replace light sources whenever necessary.


As you may know, car doors facilitate ingress and egress. That said, these components have many other responsibilities. For starters, they help you secure your vehicle and any valuables. They also protect the driver and passengers from harsh elements, including wind and rain. Unfortunately, car doors are among the components that often get damaged during a collision. Several signs tell you when these components have been damaged, including visible dents, unusual bending, missing latches, and misalignment. Auto technicians use various techniques to repair damaged car doors, including grinding off the flange and using paintless dent repair products. Moreover, if your components are beyond repair, they can replace them.

Need Auto Collision Repair Services?

If your car was in a collision, take it to an auto body repair shop. Its technicians will fix various components, including the doors, headlights, fenders, and the bumper. But before settling for a specific service provider, ascertain if they repair your car make and model and provide accurate estimates beforehand.

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