Powder Coating Your Car Is A Good Idea

When you have a car that needs a new paint job or you just want to change the color, there are a lot of choices ahead of you. Those choices include what kind of material you want to use to coat the car so you can get the color you want. One option is powder coating. 

Powder Coating  

This product is made up of polymer resin. That resin is mixed with things like pigments and curatives. Once everything is all mixed up, it's all ground up into a very fine powder. The powder has all the pigment, resin, and other ingredients in it, just in a different form. The powder coating is sprayed onto your car using a metallic gun that adds an electrostatic charge to the powder. That electrostatic charge helps the powder stick to the car. Once your car is covered, then it is put into a curing oven. The heat bonds it to the metal and turns the powder into a solid. Powder coating has a lot of reasons to use it. 


The way that powder coating works means that it is going to have a longer life than just plain paint would. Part of that is because the powder coating is going to stand up to the weather better, as well as things like any bumps and dings. If a car with paint gets a ding in the paint, it can leave a weak spot which will start the process of the paint job failing. That will distinctly shorten the life of your paint job. 


Powder coating is going to give your car better protection from things like corrosion, as well as salt from the winter. Moisture and other contaminants can get into small cracks in the paint and start to attack the metal of your car under the paint, and you won't know that there is damage until it turns into an expensive repair. But powder coating doesn't work like that because it isn't susceptible to things that will cause those cracks. You can also powder coat your wheels or underneath your car for an added layer of protection. If you opt to do that, then you can get a powder coating that isn't tinted to put on those areas. 

If you are going to redo your car's paint job because it needs it or you want a different color, then you might want to talk to the auto body shop that is doing the work to see if you can get your car powder coated. 

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