Importance Of Auto Windshield Repair In The Winter

Do you have windshield damage? If so, you may not think that it is a serious issue. Some individuals do not realize that minor windshield damage such as a chip can worsen over time. This can result in them needing to get their auto windshields replaced rather than repaired. Certain types of windshield damage cannot be repaired. There are varying factors that can make minor windshield damage worse. For example, weather and driving conditions can cause cracks to spread or weaken the integrity of windshields. The following points will help you to understand how winter weather can impact a damaged windshield and why timely repair is imperative.

Glass Expansion

Precipitation from the winter elements can seep into cracks and chips in windshields. Temperature fluctuations can cause the glass to expand. This can cause the damaged areas to increase in size. The end result could be as dangerous as the glass shattering or caving in. Another possible outcome is the need to replace the windshield for safety reasons.


You may not realize the pressure that you put on your windshield during the winter. If you live in an area that experiences icy winters, you might use a scraper at times to clear away ice or snow. You probably use your defrost setting too. This is usually not an issue if windshields are intact. However, if a windshield has been compromised due to damages, the pressure exerted on the glass could cause additional damage.


During the winter, your windshield is prone to heavy snow falling from trees. There is also a possibility that windy conditions can cause flying debris to hit your windshield and worsen any existing damages. Another possibility is that driving in icy conditions can cause road debris such as gravel to become airborne and hit your windshield. 

Driving Conditions

Potholes and other road damages can cause windshield damage to get worse regardless of the weather. However, the frigid temperatures that exist in cold temperatures may increase the likelihood of damages occurring. Even driving over speed bumps in the winter could make a damaged windshield susceptible to more damage during the winter. 

An auto windshield repair company is a good resource to use to determine whether your windshield can be repaired. They can also replace your windshield if needed. It is ill-advised to try to repair your own windshield with a store-bought kit. The kits can cause additional damages, which might require you to get a windshield replacement.  

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