How To Fix Windshield Chips

If you had ever had cracks or rock chips in your windshield, you probably know that they can eventually get bigger. When it comes to glass repair, the name of the game is getting it done as soon as possible. Unfortunately, even small rock chips can splinter out into large cracks that can eventually cause your windshield to break. Unfortunately, small rock chips are pretty much unavoidable if you drive on public road. But, you can save money if you repair rock chips and prevent them from spreading. This article explains why you should repair small rock chips in your windshield as soon as you notice one.

Is Your Windshield Fixable?

First of all, there is no magic fix for a cracked piece of glass. Even if you "fix" the chip, it will still be visible. So, if the chip is annoyingly in the driver's line of sight, you might need to replace the windshield anyways. A local auto glass repair shop can do this.

Are Your Layers Okay?

The glass used on windshields is tempered to prevent it from shattering when it is hit by a rock. But, even after the initial crack or chip occurs, the tempered design should prevent it from growing. But, given enough time, your glass can definitely break if the cracks become serious enough. This is usually the result of water getting in between the glass layers.

Windshield glass is layered, and the outer layer is often a soften plastic on top of the glass. You can't really notice these layers unless you look very closely. Because of this, most chips will only be on the outer layer. Feel the interior side of your glass. If it is smooth where the chip is, it means that the problem is just on the outer layer, and can be easily fixed. You probably won't need to replace your windshield if you correctly fill the chip with an epoxy adhesive.

Applying a One-Part Epoxy Adhesive

A one part windshield crack adhesive is the easiest tool for the job. These small squeeze tubes (kind of like syringes) have a suction cup nozzle. You apply the suction over the chipped glass (once it is clean and dry) and then squeeze the adhesive into it. The suction will suck air bubbles from out of the chip, and squeeze the adhesive deep into it, making sure that the fill is completely solid and preventing air bubbles.

The work simple, so don't put it off.

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If you had ever had cracks or rock chips in your windshield, you probably know that they can eventually get bigger. When it comes to glass repair, the