Why Older Cars Are Still Worth Repairing After An Accident

When your car has been involved in a serious accident, the temptation to simply get rid of it may be high. You may have fears that the car won't be as reliable as it once was, or maybe the idea of getting a new car may and doing away with your old one may just seem appealing to you. However, deciding to get rid of your old car isn't a decision you should make in a hurry. There are dynamics that may make it better to repair your car, even after it's been in an accident.

It Probably Costs Less Than Buying a New Car

Unless your car has suffered very serious damage that will require extensive repairs, fixing it will probably be less expensive than getting a new car. In the case of your old car, the only thing you'll have to worry about is the repair cost and this may be adequately covered by your insurance company. However, a new car will come with added expenses, such as insurance and registration. These costs have gone up for new vehicles. Additionally, you may also have the monthly payments to worry about.

The Car May Still Have Several Years Left in it

When your car has served you reliably over the years, it would be a shame to get rid of it due to one accident. If you've been properly taking care of your car and ensuring it's serviced regularly, it could still serve you for several more years after the repairs are done. Considering the challenges that come with owning a new car, the possibility of getting several more years from your car can be quite appealing. If you are particularly fond of your car, this will also mean getting to spend a few more years with it.

You May Get a Higher Resale Value

Just in case you're hell-bent on getting rid of your old car, doing so after an accident may not be the best idea. Your car may able to fetch a fairly decent resale price when it's in good condition. The same car could also be seen as next to worthless if you're trying to resell it without taking care of the damage caused by the accident. In such cases, you should first do the math to see if a relatively inexpensive auto body repair can help you to get a better price for your car in the market.

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