Three Car Body Repairs You Shouldn't Put Off

Minor body damage to your car may not seem like a big deal, which can leave you tempted to put off repairs. This can be a major mistake, since something small can develop into a major problem if it's ignored. The following are three types of body damage you should never ignore.

#1: Glass problems

Any damage to your windshield should be repaired as soon as possible. Large cracks and spiderweb cracks can compromise the integrity of the glass, which can lead to it shattering or falling inward while you are driving. Small chips, on the other hand, should be repaired promptly so you can avoid total glass replacement. Generally, if a chip is smaller than a half dollar, a repair shop can fill it in. If you put off this repair, the chip will slowly expand until it becomes too large to fix and a replacement is the only option.

#2: Missing paint

When the paint is damaged, you have more than a cosmetic problem. The area with no paint is more likely to develop rust or corrosion, which can eat through the panel so that it becomes impossible to repair. The problem is even worse if the metal has been creased, since water is more likely to collect in the creased area and make it rust even faster. Plan to have the dent repaired and the paint replaced as soon as possible, especially if you live near salt water or in an area that salts the road during winter as salt can increase the chances of rust on exposed metal.

#3: Loose parts

Loose parts should never be ignored. If you have loose fiberglass or plastic parts on your car, they can break off as you are driving. Not only does this make replacement necessary, the falling parts can be a safety hazard to you or others on the road. Another issue is if a bumper cover is missing, since most bumpers have multiple sensors for airbags and other safety devices. The missing cover exposes these sensors, which can cause them to malfunction. Finally, loose parts, especially metal, can come loose and go through the engine compartment or through a tire, which can lead to even more expensive repairs.

As you can see, body damage isn't just about the appearance of your car, but it's also about safety. For more help or to schedule a repair, contact an auto body repair shop in your area.

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