Tips On Working With Your Auto Body Shop And Making It A Positive Experience

After an auto accident, or if body damage to your car has occurred by other means, your biggest concern is likely how to get your vehicle fixed and back on the road running again. This starts with finding a quality auto body shop and making sure the repair process is quick and affordable. While you can't always control how long it will take or how much it will cost, you can try. Here are a few tips on making the process smoother and improving communication between you and the auto body repair shop.

Using Salvaged Parts?

Does the auto body shop that you chose use salvaged or refurbished parts? Many auto repair shops do. This allows them to save money on parts from the salvage yard as opposed to waiting days for parts to arrive from the manufacturer. Just make sure to ask before they begin working on your car. In some situations, your vehicle's manufacturer's warranty could be voided if used parts are replaced on the vehicle. Some auto body companies may not let you know this and still charge full-price for new parts. Be sure to ask these questions before they write you up or give you an over-the-phone estimate.

Offer All Lines Of Contact And Communication

In order to get your repaired car back sooner, you won't want to miss the auto body shop calling you back. Give them your work number, email, and allow them to text you updates on your vehicle. Sometimes these updates are automated, and they can give you a pretty good time frame at how well the progress on the repair is coming along.

Requesting A Rental Car

If you really need a vehicle to get back and forth with while yours in the shop, it's important to request a rental. Many people carry car rental services on their auto insurance policy. This is a beneficial addition to your policy and takes the guesswork out of having transportation services should the inevitable happen and your car is out of service. Sometimes, auto body garages will offer a complimentary car rental service to customers who'll be without their car for more than a day or two. Ask the auto body repair shop if they offer this paid service or if they can arrange for an unpaid rental to be dropped off and available for you at their shop.

Ask About Industry Credentials

Unfortunately, there are some auto body repair businesses that may not be as good as others. Professional registries, including the Independent Auto Body Association (IABA) and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS), are entities that often accredit many auto body businesses. If you're having trouble with researching info about a particular business, you can simply ask them for some references or photos of completed work.

Don't be invoice-shocked once your car's repairs are complete. It's important to have all of your pressing questions answered before, during, and after your vehicle is in the shop. Call your local auto body repair shop, such as Paul's Body & Glass Shop, today to get your vehicle fixed right away.

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